Semin truck heading toward another vehicle


Winter Law Group Sept. 27, 2021

In California and throughout the United States, we rely on semi-trucks to move goods from one place to the next. While these tractor trailers are a necessary part of life, their sheer size and the realities of the trucking industry can lead to accidents with devastating consequences. When a passenger vehicle collides with a semi-truck, the results have the potential to be disastrous for the people in the passenger vehicle.

Semi-trucks are governed by a complex set of federal, state and local laws that mandate things like how long a truck driver can be behind the wheel, the length of breaks he must take and more.  A thorough understanding of these laws and how they apply to your accident is required in order to successfully litigate a semi-truck accident case. That is why it is so vital to have a skilled Fresno semi-truck accident attorney to represent you. At the Winter Law Group, we are highly knowledgeable about truck laws, the factors that may lead to truck accidents and other issues related to collisions involving big rigs. We work hard to protect our clients’ legal rights, particularly in the face of aggressive attempts by the trucking company and its insurer to minimize the claim or push for a settlement that doesn’t represent the full scope of their injuries. We offer free consultations and never charge a fee unless we recover money for our clients.

California Trucking Laws

Like many other states, California regulates truck drivers and trucking companies to increase safety and reduce the likelihood of an accident. These rules are complex and very specific, such as limiting how much weight a particular truck can carry,  who can be licensed to drive a semi-truck and even how their driving hours are logged each day. If a truck driver or a trucking company breaks these rules and regulations, it could be proof of negligence that may help you recover compensation for your injuries from a truck accident.

All drivers of commercial vehicles in California—including big rigs or tractor trailers—are required to have a special type of license known as a Commercial Drivers’ License or CDL. To obtain a CDL, a driver must go through significant training and rigorous testing. Once a driver has a CDL, then he or she is held to different standards when it comes to driving, such as lower limits for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs when driving a commercial vehicle and the possibility of having their CDL suspended or revoked for committing driving infractions.  This could include being charged with or convicted of a DUI of alcohol or drugs, being declared a negligent operator for accumulating too many points on their personal license or leaving the scene of an accident.

Both federal and state law place tight restrictions on trucker drivers, particularly when it comes to the amount of time that a truck driver can drive without a break and the length of the break. To help ensure that truck drivers follow these rules, they are now required to log their hours electronically. This law is an incredibly important step towards making our roads safer, as drowsy driving can lead to accidents—and the potential for even more significant injuries is magnified when the driver is behind the wheel of a large commercial vehicle like a semi-truck.

If these rules and regulations are broken, then you may be able to use them to show that the driver was negligent in causing a crash. An experienced semi-truck accident attorney can work with you to investigate whether the driver violated any rules or was negligent in any other way before the collision. With these facts in hand, the Winter Law Group can then make a strong case for compensation to the trucking company and its insurer.

Semi-truck Accident Attorney in Fresno California

Collisions involving big rigs or tractor trailers often involve a complex web of state and federal laws and incredibly serious injuries. At the Winter Law Group, we understand how to litigate these cases from the initial crash site investigation through the ultimate settlement of the case. We will aggressively pursue your legal rights, including your right to be fully compensated for your injuries. Contact our office today to learn more about how we can help you if you have been hurt in a semi-truck accident in Fresno or any of the surrounding areas.