Joel D. Winter

An Attorney Who Gets It

Clients of the Winter Law Group frequently comment on Joel’s uncanny ability to turn an overwhelming situation into a manageable and realistic plan of action. Between his professional background and friendly, caring demeanor, it’s no wonder Fresno area families love working with him.

Before he became an attorney, Joel worked as a business analyst and consultant. Now, he uses that insight to help others navigate the bankruptcy process after sharing their stories in a safe, judgment-free environment. If that’s the kind of legal professional you want guiding your case, Joel is the guy to call.

Is Bankruptcy Right for My Situation?

While there is no set, magical number that can tell you when it’s time to explore bankruptcy options, this is our general take on the topic: When it seems that no amount of budgeting, negotiation, or refinancing is going to resolve your debt, it’s time to at least consult with a bankruptcy lawyer to investigate your legal options. Fortunately for you, doing so won’t add any more expenses to your plate. We offer initial consultations free of charge.

What Debt Relief Options Do You Offer?

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is commonly referred to as “fresh start” bankruptcy because it allows you to liquidate your assets and put that money toward paying off your debt. Generally, debtors walk away with little to no debt left to repay.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to design a realistic, controlled payment plan catered to your specific situation and ability to pay. Once your plan is set up, creditor calls should stop and (in most cases) you should be able to keep your home, vehicle, and other major pieces of property.

Other Debt Relief Solutions

In addition to the Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy options, the Winter Law Group also offers non-bankruptcy debt relief solutions. To get a better idea of where your case truly stands and what you can do to take charge of it, give us a call.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bankruptcy in California

What Possessions Can I Keep During Bankruptcy?

In bankruptcy, you can often protect your personal property by claiming certain items as “exempt.” More often than not, bankruptcy clients can use the exemption tool to keep their car, home, furniture, clothing, heirlooms, retirement accounts, and tools.

Can Bankruptcy Stop Foreclosure?

The moment you file for bankruptcy, a legal concept known as “automatic stay” goes into effect. The automatic stay halts the foreclosure process, giving you time to weigh your options. Whether you keep your home after that entirely depends on your situation.

How Will Bankruptcy Affect My Credit?

Even if you’re meeting your minimum payments, carrying large balances for too long can actually hurt your credit more than filing for bankruptcy. Though the bankruptcy will appear on your credit score for up to a decade, there’s a lot you can do to quickly rebuild your credit after bankruptcy.

Don’t accept debt as part of your life. Let us help you find financial relief.

At the Winter Law Group, our mission is simple: We want to make your life easier by giving you the tools you need to reclaim control over your financial situation. Whether you live in Fresno, the Central Valley, or a neighboring area of California, it would be our pleasure to walk you through your options and help you determine your next move. Reach out today to schedule a free and educational consultation regarding your debt.